Welcome to EXCEL PHYSIOTHERAPY - COQUITLAM. We are dedicated to providing quality healthcare services, with the goal of aiding individuals in achieving their highest level of function. Through accurate diagnosis, proven treatment intervention and patient education, we will assist you in reaching all of your rehabilitation goals. MOVE WELL, LIVE WELL...EXCEL

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Paul Conzatti
Mark Hampton BSc. P.T. M.C.P.A.
Kimberly Hinton
Liam Hurley

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  • Physiotherapy Private - Initial Assessment-30min($65.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Subsequent Visit-15min($65.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Physiotherapy- IMS Initial Visit-30min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Physiotherapy - IMS Subsequent Visit-15min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Physiotherapy - Acupuncture Initial Visit-30min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Physiotherapy - Acupuncture Subsequent Visit-15min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Active Rehab Program-60min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy Private - Private Hydrotherapy-45min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy ICBC - Initial Visit-30min-PATIENT'S PORTION $35
  • Physiotherapy ICBC - Subsequent Visit-15min-PATIENT'S PORTION $35
  • Physiotherapy MSP - Initial Visit-30min-PATIENT'S PORTION $25
  • Physiotherapy MSP - Subsequent Visit-15min-PATIENT'S PORTION $25
  • WSBC Physiotherapy Standard - Assessment Block Initial Track-30min($0.00)
  • WSBC Physiotherapy Standard - Standard Treatment Block Track-15min($0.00)
  • WSBC Physiotherapy Standard - Standard Extension Block Track-15min($0.00)
  • WSBC Physiotherapy Post-Surgical - Initial AB Track-30min($0.00)
  • WSBC Physiotherapy Post-Surgical - Post Surgical Treatment Track-15min($0.00)
  • WSBC Physiotherapy Post-Surgical - Post Surgical Extention Block 1 Track-15min($0.00)
  • WSBC Hydrotherapy - Delegated Hydrotherapy-45min($45.00)
  • ICBC Paper - ICBC Active Rehab Program-60min($70.00)
  • Physiotherapy RCMP - Initial Assessment-30min($65.00)
  • Physiotherapy RCMP - Subsequent Visit-15min($65.00)