Medical Cannabis

Under Health Canada’s ACMPR program, tens of thousands of Canadians are legal to possess and use medical cannabis. When used as part of a health care strategy, Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes (CTP) is an effective and safe adjunct or alternative to other pharmaceuticals. The decision to prescribe medicinal cannabis is made solely by a Medical Doctor (MD) in consultation with the patient. Our counsellors will evaluate patient eligibility through a pre-examination questionnaire, medical document acquisition and patient interview. In most cases our physicians require a referral – but if this is not possible please contact our staff who will make arrangements with one of our physicians. Medical documentation must be available from your physician, records department, clinic or hospital. Following the patient/physician consultation, patients will work with one of our educators and a decision will be made as to which Licensed Producer (L.P.), strain or oil best suits their needs. Recommendations will be made based on medical history, patient consultation, the patient’s previous cannabis experience and physician oversight.
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When you are in pain, even the simplest activities become difficult. When these problems persist, you look for assistance. Our Physiotherapists at Westmount Square Health Group’s Department of Physiotherapy and Wellness are here to help. Our Physiotherapists focus on returning you to all of your regular activities, regardless of whether the problem is bending over to tie your shoes, or injuries related to high-level sports. You do not need a doctor's referral to visit our Downtown Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic, as our Physiotherapists will be able to competently evaluate your problem. Some insurance plans do, however, require a doctor’s prescription. The first session with your Physiotherapist will be up to a full hour. This gives your Physiotherapist the time to attentively listen to your concerns and symptoms, properly evaluate your condition, suggest exercises that will be helpful, educate you regarding your condition, and any other treatment deemed necessary for the first visit. At our Downtown Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic, we want to be sure that you fully understand what is going on and the different factors that may be affecting your condition. All of our Physiotherapists have many years of experience, therefore rest assured that they will be able to understand the difficulties you are facing. Our Physiotherapists use a variety of approaches including Manual Therapy and MDT. While our Downtown Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic focuses on function, we do believe that exercises, education and posture are all very important factors in returning you to the activities that you love. We make sure that you understand why these components are important, and that they are incorporated into your treatment.
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